Graphic of football on grass with text advertising spaghetti suppers

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Decatur vs. Anna
Kickoff: 7:00 pm, August 26
Invoice Code: EFND826
Deadline: Noon, August 25

Decatur vs. Wichita Falls Rider
Kickoff: 7:00 pm, September 2
Invoice Code: EFND092
Deadline: Noon, September 1

Decatur vs. Alvarado*
Kickoff: 7:00 pm, September 23
Invoice Code: EFND923
Deadline: Noon, September 22

Decatur vs. Burkburnett
Kickoff: 7:00 pm, October 7
Invoice Code: EFND107
Deadline: Noon, October 6

Decatur vs. Springtown**
Kickoff: 7:00 pm, October 21
Invoice Code: EFND1021
Deadline: Noon, October 20

**Senior Night